Monday, June 22, 2009

More Wedding Pics!!!

Here are some more fun links for our wedding photos....

We had a photo booth at our wedding - all the images can be viewed here:

All of the wedding photography has been posted online - a slideshow can be viewed here:

Here is a link to all of the wedding photos (a couple thousand)!! Password: wade

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wedding Photos!!!

Aves Photography has posted our wedding photos on their blog!!!

Check them out:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Honeymoon in St. Lucia!

Jonathan and I have returned from our amazing honeymoon in St. Lucia and are now back to reality. I wouldn’t call coming home to a monstrous pile of wedding gifts a slap in the face or anything, but it is definitely not the same as waking up in paradise each morning!

St. Lucia could definitely be described as paradise in the Caribbean – with the motto “no pressure, no problem,” who wouldn’t want to relax there?! Our trip was adventurous, romantic, relaxing, and so much fun. Each day was a new excursion – zip-lining through the rainforest, horseback riding on the beach, exploring on a jeep safari, hiking up mountains, and sailing through the Atlantic. This is just a few to name!

One of our most memorable moments was our hike to Pigeon Island. Jonathan and I took an adventure to a historical park with remnants of buildings dating back to the eighteenth century and WWII. There are two peaks that we hiked. The smaller one held Fort Rodney, which was an old lookout spot where cannons would be fired into the ocean to protect the British from French invasions. The next peak was Signal Point – this was the highest point from which all sides of the ocean could be seen. The views were incredible and well work the effort it took to get there.

There were also some interesting/strange things that happened on the trip. First, we saw a man get escorted off of our plane by police with tazer guns (we are still not sure what he did). Strange for me (but not so new for others) is my first experiences with Jonathan’s night terrors – Yes, it happened a couple times! Another moment was seeing Amy Winehouse during our horseback ride on the beach. She has a condo near the cove that we were visiting and we spotted her at the bar that morning (go figure). What’s a trip without stuff like this?!

We stayed at the Grande Sandals resort, which was an all-inclusive! No checks, no bills, no pressure, no problem! It was great and we were really pleased with the dining selections. We had access to all 3 Sandals resorts on the island and were spoiled by 5 course meals and all the drinks we wanted. Our bedroom suite looked out to the beautiful ocean and the St. Lucian Mountains. Each morning we had breakfast on our back porch. The water was crystal clear with gorgeous beaches and the St. Lucians are very friendly and helpful.

We had 7 whole days of adventures and we enjoyed every minute of it! Being married to Jonathan is such a beautiful thing. I have loved waking up next to him in the mornings and knowing that I never have to leave again. I love the safety and security of being in a covenant with him and knowing that he is mine and I am his. It is wonderful!

Our wedding was so beautiful - when I get photos of the wedding I will post them! It turned out to be the perfect day outside and every detail of the wedding was awesome! I’m so sad it’s over, but we’re looking forward to seeing our videos and photos.

Blog post #1 complete :) Many more to come for the Wade family!

The view from our suite!!
St. Lucians selling fresh fruit in the country side.

Jonathan hiking to a waterfall in the rainforest.
Jonathan and April @ the Waterfall!
Being very brave and holding a snake!!
Historical ruins at Pigeon Island. The view from Fort Rodney.
The view from Signal Point - it was amazing at the top!
Dinner at the resort, all the food was awesome!
All day boat trip to the Pitons, botanical gardens, and snorkling!
At the Piton Mountains Chillin' on the Beach! He loves me :)
Candle light dinner on the beach :) Horseback riding on the beach! April snorkling!! The Wade's!!