Monday, November 2, 2009


We've been up to a lot of busy-ness lately, but here are some pics from the past month or so that describe some of our activities.

My Sous Chef. Jonathan took over the kitchen one night and cooked a beautiful meal for me. It hasn't happend since, but I'm looking forward to the next one! He's an all-or-nothing guy, so when he cooks he goes all out.
Andrea and I after her Baptism! I was privileged to get to baptism Dre after she shared her testimony with our church. It was such an incredible night for both of us!

Playing with Hannah Banana.
King of Leon Concert.
The dudes singing some Kings of Leon and me not really knowing what to do or think about it.
Flowers from my husband :)
We are growing fresh Basil in our kitchen. It's a 10-12 weeks process and about 3 weeks in we have already forgotten to water it. We lost a few good ones, but I'm sure that we can revive it.
Baylor Homecoming!!! My favorite time of year :) Me, Heather (soon-to-be Mrs.), and my sweet Ashley. Bonfire was sorta small this year, but the crowd was huge. It was Baylor's 100th Homecoming celebration! Sic 'em.
Brett & Jonathan
The Wade's
Me and Jonathan posing with Judge Baylor.
Debbie, Hannah Banana, and me at the Bears football game (we got killed!)
Debbie and Alvin, so sweet :)
Although we didn't hang out together in college, there are still many things that Jonathan and I both love about Baylor and one of those is George's! We made a late night stop for a Big O beer, fried pickles, and crazy wings (bacon wrapped chicken with jalopenas and cheese).
Pumpkin Carving Night!! We invited some friends over and had a pumpkin carving night. The Metheny kiddos came and carved some pretty impression pumpkins... with Katie's help.
Nix's pumpkin: Pac-Man Andrea's pumpkin: Happy pumpkin!
I did a Nordstrom themed pumpkin to enter into a competition at work. I glittered it up, added feathers and paint. I didn't end up winning :( I think it was fixed.
Andrea and me at Gilda's Rock the Red Door event.
The Hernandez's - it was a costume party, but we didnt' dress up.
Me and my sweetie in front of the Dallas skyline. He is handsome :)
Courtney and baby Lauren at Halloween Trunk or Treat. Courtney made her a ladybug costume, very cute!!
Hannah Banana as Tinker Bell!! I made her cute little costume. She is a grumpy gus in this pic, but she was excited to be Tink!