Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Fall :)

Don't be fooled by my very inactive blog. I stalk your blogs VERY actively. I get so amused by other blogs that I don't entertain my own. Here's a glimpse of what this fall has brought the Wade family:

Sewing, sewing, sewing. This fall has been very busy for my sewing business. Baylor dresses (like below), bows, totes, etc, etc have sold out like crazy at Harts 'N Crafts in Waco, TX. It's been so much fun to see my items sell quickly and have people love them!!

Our 1st BU football game of the season was vs. TCU. What a horrible game! Joe T. Garcia's afterwards / after the 1st quarter was worth the drive to Ft. Worth.
My sister Tricia and husband Jonas. T had her big 10 year HS reunion this fall and we celebrated her birthday the same day at my mom's house in Pottsboro. BIG news! They are pregnant and expecting their little one in April 2011.
1st Pumpkin Arboretum Trip. One of our favorite places :)
Rangers game with our friends Lauren and Daniel.
Our neice Hannah had her first soccer game! She is 3 years old now!
Corndog at the Texas State Fair!
At the Baylor/Tech game at the Cotton Bowl.
Big Tex and The Wades!
My very first drive-in movie experience! It was awesome :)
Papa Wade and Jonathan at the Ranger's playoff game.
Go Rangers!!!
Rangers WIN!!
Precious Baylor onsie dress.
V-neck + skirt = cute dress! Another shipment to Harts 'N Crafts!
Other un-photographed things....
  • Jonathan has been playing in a softball league. The are really bad, but it's for fun so who cares!
  • I am working on a hospitality-like medical center in Frisco and the design rocks! It makes work so much fun :)
  • Jonathan's been enjoying time in the yard lately. It's looking good!
  • Our church continues to be a blessing in our lives and a place that we love to serve.
  • I've closed the door on custom sewing orders to free up time to study for the big NCIDQ exam, which will award me a license in Interior Design. Exam is April 2011.
  • I'm anxiously waiting for 2 more weeks when I find out if I'm having a niece or nephew!
  • We are hoping to Christmas vacation... we will see.
That's about it. I love October! Thank you, Lord, for Fall and the changing of the seasons!