Friday, August 14, 2009

Quack & Oink

My online store is finally open!!! It only has a few items in it right now, but I will be adding more soon!

Check it out at

There will be dresses, purses, totes, aprons, and other random things being added weekly, so check back often.

The Name?? "Quack & Oink" came from a design project I did in college for a children's store idea. I don't really know how I thought of it... the design was sorta a modern twist on the classic farm animals. It's cute and catchy, so why not! I want to continue to focus my designs on children and woman's clothing and accessories.

ENJOY!!!! I have a blog for Quack & Oink as well...

Monday, August 10, 2009


WHOA! I'm so excited right now :) It's been a long unemployment period, but I finally got a job today. I'll be working at Nordstrom in the kid's shoes department at Northpark. It's good people and good pay! It's perfect timing too! I'll start work on Sunday which gives me just the right amount of time to finish organizing the house. I am so grateful that this opportunity came after my grandmother death and the garage sale! All things happen in God's good timing :)

Now I need to get new work clothes :)

Here's to happy shopping!!!! Look for me if you shop at Nordstrom :)


It's time for another strand of updates from our past couple of weeks....

Nanny Heflich: For the past three weeks my grandmother, Mary 89, was in the hospital after having a stroke in her home. She was such an independent woman. She lived by herself, drove to the grocery store, and walked to the mailbox each day. At 4'10", she was a very frail person; however, her smile could brighten anyone's day. She had a signature wave that she greeted everyone with and she was always early on sending b-day cards. She spent one week in hospice before passing away. We had her funeral this past Wednesday in Hot Springs, AR, and buried her next to my grandfather. It was strange to see a whole generation laid to rest. During her hospital stay, she never let go of her rosary beads - she was a devote Catholic.

Emily's Wedding: We attended Jonathan's cousin's wedding on Aug. 1st in Austin, TX. We got to stay at the amazing Driskall hotel on 6th street. The wedding and reception was in this historic hotel and was so beautiful! This was our awesome hotel room....
Our oversized chair in our room.....

Garage Sale: After a little bit of a delay, we finally had our garage sale this past weekend. We started the day with a garage FULL of items for sale (yes, it was actually IN the garage). We had a great turn out and made enough money for a new couch and desks for our office. Plus, we got rid of so much stuff!!! It was a great feeling. A not so great feeling was the thief that stole our PS2 and controllers from our garage sale! Someone just walked off with $100 worth of electronics. It makes me feel so icky that someone stole from us!

Jonathan's Wisdom Teeth: Also this weekend, Jonathan had his 4 fully grown wisdom teeth removed from his mouth. He recovered pretty quickly and is doing good. He was really loopy when we took him home and was pretty funny to watch.

Interviews: I've gone on some interviews lately and I am very hopeful for a new job soon! :) It's not in Interior Design, but it's a job that has a promising future. More details to come, but pray that God will help guide me in these discussions and that I might have work soon.

Hannah turns 2!!! Our niece had her 2nd b-day party last night. She is so grown up and it was fun watching her expressions and excitment during the party. We had snacks and pizza, opened presents, went to the waterpark, and ate cake. It was also fun to get to see our other niece, Lauren (she is almost 4 weeks old). I love holding her, she is so tiny!
Hannah's dress I made her, she said "so cute!"
Baby Lauren
Ready to go to the waterpark with her princess crown on!!
Kaden was a lot more aggressive with the water than Hannah. He went sprinting into the water immediately. Hannah, however, pranced around the water for a good 20 minutes before putting her hand in - such a princess. They had LOTS of fun!
The ladies: Caroline, Angie, Meghan, and Courtney
Playing in/next to the water...
Aunt April & Uncle J
Getting help with the water fountain from Big Daddy (after trying to drink from the dog fountain)

Happy Birthday, Hannah!
Redecorating the House. After our massive purging, Jonathan and I are rearranging the house. My mother-in-law, Debbie, came over the other day and helped me gather and group items. I'll be honest... I'm a designer, but decorating a home is not really my thing. I'm learning and getting better, but still need help. It is looking better and better. We bought our desk and couch yesterday and I'm so excited for the couch!! It has two built-in recliners for us to lay back and watch TV.

What's next.... not much, which I'm really happy about. Just because the calendar is light doesn't mean things won't get busy, but I hope we can slow things down and get in a routine soon.