Friday, April 2, 2010

Big Milemarker!

Last weekend I successfully completed my first 5k since my first surgery two years ago in March. Jonathan had planned to run with me; however, he and some friends ended up going to Houston to watch the Bears win (the sweet 16) and lose (the elite eight) - still awesome though.

The run felt so good! A month ago I was breathing like a 60 y/o smoker trying to complete one mile and now I am running 3! I had only trained for 2 miles, so when I saw the BIG 2 mile marker at the race I really had to push myself. I remember telling myself, "You are healed!! You have two working legs that you are blessed to run with - NOW RUN!!" Remembering how God had healed me made me push even harder. I blew by that 2 mile sign and finished the race in 31.25 minutes.

May 1st I plan on blazing by another 2 mile marker and a 2 year milestone! I'm running in the White Rock 'N Roll 5 mile race in celebration of the 2 year anniversary of my cancer being in remission. I visited the doctor this week and he said that everything looked great. He explained that most reoccurring tumors happen within the first two years and that passing this 2 year mark is a HUGE milestone. 5 years is still the magic number, but I'm super SUPER excited about my 2 blessed years of life!

The year is passing by quickly and in just 2 months Jonathan and I celebrate 1 year of marriage!!! We have a trip to Costa Rica planned to celebrate :)

Praise God, that there is much to celebrate! He Heals, He is Faithful, and He does exactly what He says He will. Amen!