Thursday, March 4, 2010

Evolution of the Craft Room!

Some of you might know that I am crafty. I LOVE to sew! Anything from dresses, baby shoes, quilts, and clutches - there isn't much that I haven't attempted to create in my 10 years of sewing. It's my hobby and my de-stressing agent. I can and do sit alone for hours with my thoughts and my machine (and sometimes my iPod). It's one of my favorite things to do.

My sweet husband knows of my talents and gave me a room in our house just for my crafts. He makes me feel like the little ballerina that's kept in a treasured jewelry box. When you open the box, the ballerina spins round 'n round on her stage. I used to have a jewelry box like this when I was young. It's cool how God gives us images like these to show us His love.

So here is the evolution images of my new craft room!....

Jonathan helped me paint the room. I don't have the before pictures, but the ceiling used to be the same color as the walls and we painted it white.
With the ceiling painted white, here's what the wall looked like before.
I painted 3 of the walls a pretty lavendar color.
Lavender on the walls.
We painted the accent wall a med/dark purple. The white cabinets and desk came from IKEA and were put together months ago.
Accessories! Andrea and I took a trip to IKEA to buy everything else for the room. Thanks to her, my IKEA trip was a success!
Bright Yellow curtains to compliment the purple walls.
A Ribbon wall and take board (and Betty, my sewing model). See all the little bins! These are filled with sewing accessories - nice and organized!
Finally found a place for my milk glass from our wedding! My thread wall has been amazing, along with my little storage cups and magnetic strip.
The first product of my sewing room (and the best dress I've ever made)!
This was for my pastor's 17 y/o daughter for her winter formal.