Saturday, May 1, 2010

2 Years :)

Today marks my 2 year anniversary to be cancer free!!! I'm thankful and blessed.

We had planned to celebrate this morning with a 5 mile run; however, I've been sick lately and we stopped training for a while. We'll run another race soon. Enjoying a lazy morning with my husband was just as nice!

I have to be honest that this is bitter sweet. We don't really celebrate cancer, we celebrate God as Healer. It's not fun to think about having had this disease. In fact, it stresses me out and frustrates me. It is the dark rain cloud that hangs over my head, but thank the Lord it is not raining today. If you've had cancer, you know what I'm talking about. The saving hope is that God is stronger than cancer. He is this enormous umbrella of protection from that stupid rain cloud. He is good and faithful. This world is broken, but He is completely whole and perfect. I pray that He continues to heal me and protect me.

Thank you, Lord, for TWO YEARS!!!! This is a HUGE number in my remission. I am very thankful!