Monday, March 21, 2011

How to Make a Diaper Cake

I thought that I would share a few of my ideas about how to make a great diaper cake. I've made two so far, and I plan to make many more in the future! Here a simple how-to with pictures:

First, start with your supplies. You'll need 3M foam stick tape (shown below), a hot glue gun, some type of base (I used foam core board), exact-o knife, scissors, lighter, rubber bands (various sizes), and a dowel rod (about 1/4" diameter), and decorative topper. Along with a few more items listed below....
Other decorative items include: cake accessories like the ones shown below. Part of the items will be used to form the cakes "structure," which in this case I used: (1) medium size shampoo bottle (1) small bottle of baby powder.
You'll also need various ribbon colors/sizes. Grosgrain ribbon works the best.
And diapers of course. I purchased a (1) 80 count package of size 1 diapers. Try to purchase diapers with the LEAST amount of printed graphics on them. Start by rolling up each individual diaper and securing it with a rubber band (as shown below).
Create your base by cutting out a large circle from the foam core. I used the pencil and string trip to create a circle with a 15" diameter circle, then cut it out with an exact-o knife. Place the shampoo bottle in the center of your circle (as shown below) and secure it with 3M foam tape OR hot glue (I like 3M better). Surround the shampoo with the first layer of diapers (seam side facing in), and secure the layer with a rubber band. Repeat this step and create layers 2 and 3, securing each layer with a rubber band. This completes the first tier (see below).
Use the same concept on the 2nd tier as you surround the top of the shampoo bottle with 2 layers of diaper secured with a rubber band (see below for complete tier 2).
Next, use your 3M foam tape and attach the small bottle of baby powder to the top of the shampoo bottle......
Surround the baby powder bottle with 1 layer of diapers....
Group 3 diapers together with a rubber band and PLACE it at the top of your cake to make the 4th tier, this tier will be secured to the structure in a later step....

Next, use your ribbon to decorate the cake. Place your ribbon so that it hides the rubber bands. You can pre-cut your ribbon to fit the diameter of each tier. Tack one side of the ribbon to the cake with a small dab of hot glue, then wrap it around the cake and tack it together at it's ends with more hot glue. GOOD TIP: before placing your ribbon, burn the ends with a lighter so that they do not fray. Align all our seams at the back of your cake.
Next, cut your dowel rod to the correct height needed. Push one end through the top tier and work your way to the bottom so that the rod is touching the base. (this might take a few times to get it straight). Cut the dowel rod as needed so that it has just enough room to be glued to your topper. Remove the rod and secure it to your topper with hot glue (see below).
I used a wooden letter, but anything can be used. If you use a stuffed animal, tie it to the rod rather than gluing it. This final step should make the cake VERY stable.
Lastly, decorate! Place your items around the cake. I did not secure mine, but you could do this using hot glue or with ribbon. Below is the cake I made for my sister's baby boy.

Below is another example of a cake I made for a little girl. I used pink polka-dot fabric to cover the base. I made pink bows and placed them around the cake as accessories. The fake flowers were a fun touch! The little bird on top was actually a garden accessory that came on a stick, so I didn't have to use the dowel rod.

Leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crested Butte

Last week, Jonathan and I took a road trip to Colorado to visit Crested Butte. It was a 14 hour drive and we made it there in my little Prius! Some wonderful friends let us use their condo for a week. It was fabulous and relaxing :) Here's some snapshots of the week....
And 851 miles later, we are there!
Few of Mt. Crested Butte from the mountain
Resting at the top of the mountain

The cute town of Crested Butte
Sic 'em Colorado!