Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 to 2011

Ten Things that happened in 2010:
  1. Attempted completing HP 7 (the book) for the 3rd time. I am three chapters short and MUST read them tomorrow.
  2. Filed every single contact at work in my outlook contacts. No more business cards!
  3. Ran a 5K. First time since my surgery in 2008.
  4. Kept 1 job for the entire year
  5. Majorly ramped up my sewing biz and sold more than I ever have.
  6. Went to Costa Rica. Always wanted to go there.
  7. My sister is preggers with my nephew :)
  8. Went to my first drive in movie theater
  9. Lost my sweet grandmother, Dorothy. I miss her.
  10. Managed to maintain my same weight as the year before.
Eleven Hopes for 2011:
  1. Pass my interior design license exam (April '11)
  2. Write more love letters to my husband
  3. Lose 10 pounds by May.
  4. Read 4 good books. That might sound like nothing to you, but that is a LOT for me.
  5. Become an Aunt to my little nephew
  6. Declutter and get rid of things often
  7. Sew a couple dozen dresses for Ugandan Orphans
  8. Double my sales at Harts 'N Crafts
  9. Deeply study a few books of the Bible
  10. Travel and travel well: Crested Butte, CO; Boston, MA; and California!
  11. Make more time for coffee/dinner dates with friends.
Happy New Year to you!

Friday, December 3, 2010

What April wants for Christmas...

This is what I what for Christmas....

You can give this as a gift to someone as well!!! Upon check-out, please list the recipient's name and e-mail address in your comments. I will send them a cute e-mail card describing the gift you have given.