Monday, July 13, 2009

44 days in!!

Jonathan and I have been married now for 44 days! I wanted to show some snapshots of what we have been up to in our 1st months of marriage.....

We have cleaned and shuffled our junk around about a dozen times! Although it's still a work in progress, here are some of the fruits of our labor...

Our humble home @ 10114 Champa Drive. We love this cozy place :)

My craft room started as a crap room :( ...

But slowly it is turning into a great place for me to work! I painted a light green stripe on the walls and added IKEA storage towers (missing a set of doors still). We plan on getting 2 new desks to have our office / work area. I am loving this room so far and have spent hours sewing! I think we might have to add a TV to this room to keep me entertained though! Our bathroom was the first thing I worked on. We painted the walls a pretty lavender color and I painted a scripture over the shower. We updated our shower head and added a vanity mirror to the wall. I love this bathroom now and its the only room that is complete so far! We are definitely still working on the bedroom. We've painted the walls, added furniture, drapes, and a rug. We just bought our headboard, so it will be here soon. The decor is still a debate - J doesn't like my milk glass so we'll have to compromise on something. We're still missing some personal touches...

Flowers from my husband :)

And of course we aren't the only ones getting married this summer! We've been to two wedding and have another one coming in just a few weeks.

My 14 month check-up was all clear :) I had an MRI on my leg and chest x-ray. I'll see Dr. Casas again in 3 months. I hate going to these check-ups and Jonathan can testify that I'm always a little stressed during this time, but I'm so thankful that God is continuing to protect me! Go to my old blog for my cancer story...

July 4th! We had lots of friends over to watch fireworks. There is a great lookout spot just down the street where we can see multiple shows at one time over the city. 14 ladies and 4 dudes :) Earlier that day we went to the Wade's for swimming and a cookout.

Birthdays! Mine is June 27th, J's is July 10th, and Courtney's (J's sister) is on July 16th. We celebrated with Jonathan's family at Benihana. We had some great b-day dessert!

J's mom, Debbie, with our niece Hannah - Hannah is getting so big and she'll be a big sister in just a few days. Courtney is waiting for baby Lauren to come, as is the fam! We're so excited for another niece!!

This past week I worked some volleyball camps at Bishop Lynch High School. It was so much fun to coach and help the girls. I lead the strength and conditioning drills for the HS camp and I am still sore from the workouts! I miss volleyball so much :(

I'm still looking for a job, but have found little things here and there to get some extra cash. I'm working on building an inventory to start an online store and will be marketing to local boutiques soon. Jonathan is in the summer season with the Mavericks and working hard to sell those tickets! The Mavericks have been making lots of trades, so hopefully they'll have a great season.

We are waiting for our niece, Lauren Kate Alban, to be born and are so excited to meet her!

It is HOT here. This must be one of the warmest summers we have seen in a while. The pools are like bath tubs and the electric bills are getting high! I love the summer time, but this is way too hot!

Harry Potter 6 comes out this week. I am so thankful that I married a man who understands and appreciates this awesome book/movie series. We had a Harry Potter marathon last night and we are excited for the 6th movie!!

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  1. I miss you sweet friend!!! I like the updates!