Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Lord is my Shepherd

My grandmother's favorite verse is Psalm 23. She's 4 foot 10 inches and she's a devote Catholic. She knows more prayers than you and can also cook better than you. She thinks the internet is a facade and that technology is a joke. She loves animals and feeds the birds regularly. There is nothing that can get her off schedule, so don't call her past 9pm because that is bedtime.

Jonathan and I are hanging out in hospice with my grandmother, Mary, and my family this weekend. Today, Mary is enjoying the scriptures that we are reading to her, especially Psalm 23. Yesterday, she told us that she is ready to be with Jesus and now we are just enjoying her presence as she enjoys us. We've been telling stories all day and saying prayers out loud. She loves it when we talk to her. Her eyelids are the only things that move, but we can understand what she is trying to tell us.

I am so thankful that Mary knows Jesus. There is no greater comfort at death than to know the Lord as your Savior. I'm so excited for the amazing things that she will see soon, but also sad to see her go. Thank you Lord for sweet last moments!

Call your parents and grandparents today :)

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