Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another update :)

I'm now 3 weeks into my new job at Nordstrom and so far, so great! The retail hours have definitely been a big adjustment for Jonathan and I, but for whichever 8 hours I am there during the day I do love it. My most favorite part is that I get to meet new people everyday and serve them. I get to pray for all of the little ones by name and love on their families. I've learned the product line quickly, so I really feel like I can help people. It's fun :) Working the weekends though, not so fun.

Jonathan started taking care of our lawn last week and he did such a great job! We have a lot of grass to mow and shrubs to trim. It grows fast!

We celebrated our 3 month anniversary last week! Time flies :) A lot has changed in the Wade house. After a month of kicking each other in our sleep, we are now sleep comfortably in our queen bed. We have our shared chores, our new couch, and our favorite shows. Everyday I feel so blessed to have him as my best friend, roommate, and husband. He is my favorite person!

Fun times: Hillsong United concert with Cliff and Andrea, The Village Church at Northway Dallas opens in 1 week!, last minute Rangers tickets, pizza and movie night, flowers from my husband, sewing new dresses, and being challenged through marriage - sometimes not so fun, but always good :)

I don't really have any pictures for the post, but here is a pic of a new dress I made:

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