Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Time!!!

Here are a few pics from Christmas!
Jonathan and I, Christmas morning

Mom, Tricia, and Me - Christmas Day

Jonas, Tricia, baby Roos, and Giraffe

Tricia, Jonas, JoAnn, Dad, Me, Jonathan
Our favorite Christmas gifts:
April - awesome Camera, Harry Potter scarf!!, Massage gift card, new iron
Jonathan - Rain jacket, Toms shoes, iHome

I love Christmas more and more each year. Despite the traveling and lots of eating we are forced into, it is Jesus' birth that is of most importance. I can't imagine a world without our Savior. We would still be longing for a Savior, like Israel did. We'd be hopeful in our sinfulness and still living according to the law. Thank you, Lord, for coming for us. Now we long for His return and pray for Him to come for us again.

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  1. Love seeing your pictures! Makes me miss you terribly though. Glad Christmas was fun. We had a great time with Ashley and Heather and their guys. Love you sweet April!