Friday, February 18, 2011

The Wreck.

We went to Cirque de Soliel OVO on Wednesday night. As always, C.D.S. did not disappoint. But on the way home my very pregnant sister had her car T-boned going about 40 mph by some stupid girl running a red light. She and the baby are doing fine. She went to the hospital and stayed overnight to monitor the baby. Praise the Lord for his protection. Both cars were totaled, but all 3 people involved walked away unheard.

My stomach is still in knots thinking about the accident, but I am so very grateful that she and baby Cameron are ok. I was able to drive to the accident right after it happened and was so relieved when I felt baby C move inside her belly. Please pray for her pregnancy as she only has a few more weeks to go!
This is stupid girl's car....
You see Tricia's car (brand new btw) in the background
Tricia's front end. The other side was up on a retaining wall.

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  1. I know that feeling! I can still feel shaky when I think about my wreck and it has been 2 years! I was also hit by someone who ran a red light - and then left the scene. So glad that Tricia and Cameron are okay. By far - what is most important. Glad you could be there for her. Love you April!